Our Covid-19 Protective Practice

You can download the document in "about" section.

Before children come in:

Staff disinfect all surface areas, wash and sanitise hands.     Staff wear masks when picking up the children from a designated area and time at each school.

During club hours:

Children will wash and sanitise their hands when they come to the club and as often as needed. Staff wear masks when helping children within 1 metre i.e. helping with crafts and snacks.

Staggered snack time with small groups.
No shareable cups and plates are used. Children must bring their own bottles.

No assemblies are held.

There is enough space between tables and activity areas so children can move around without close encounters.

The club is not required to keep the school bubbles as the children are never in a confined space without ventilation and are constantly moving.
Staff keep doors and windows open whenever possible.
Children are encouraged to play outside as much as possible. If the hall at Globe hall becomes too crowded, children are encouraged to play in the outside playground, in the rooftop playground or will be taken to Bangabandhu playground.

No playdough, sand or other materials are used that cannot be disinfected.

All toys and books are disinfected after use.
All the surface areas such as tables, kitchen top, benches, door handles and mats are disinfected after use and as often as required.

No HV vests are used as only club children will in the playground unless they will take a trip to a park or Bangabandhu playground. All HV vests are washed after use.

Only parents who are settling children are allowed in, and only with an appointment. They are required to wear a mask and sanitise their hands before entering the playground.

Children are not allowed to take their artwork or crafts home.
*Unless they are all kept in an individual plastic bag as soon as finished.

*Keep them for 24 hours if they are cardboard or 72 hours if they are plastic and metals before taking them out.

Pick up procedures:

Parents/carers ring the intercom and wait outside the gate until staff bring their children to the

Staff sign children out on the register.
Staff are required to wear masks when talking to parents.

The club will notify parents/carers if there is any change or update to our policies and procedures.